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A Canine Academy International Dog Training

Arizona, AZ

Tel:    (480) 802-5393

Dog Training in your home - Valleywide. Certified, Insured, Master Trainers. Gentle effective methods, no shock collars. Any Dog, any age, from puppies to problems...Arizona's Dogs Best Friends Since 1976 !!


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  1. thank you joann for making bingo an enjoyable puppy.your instructions were spot on,and in a very short time she learned right from wrong.thank you so much for taking the pain out of puppy training.

  2. Stephanie says:

    We highly recommend working with JoAnn, she's very helpful and a pleasure to work with. We have never owned a dog before and had no idea how to approach training one. JoAnn was wonderful for us because she spent a great deal of time with us on how to train our puppy. She basically a dog-owner trainer. We continue to work with our 6 month old puppy on the commands covered and he is making great progress. Thanks JoAnn!

  3. Claire says:

    Joann was wonderful in helping us turn our rambunctious goldendoodle, Poppy, into a sweet, well mannered dog. Poppy is a little over a year old and before she met Joann, she would jump up on visitors, jump on the couch, dart out the front door and down the street, and was more than I could handle. Joann helped me and Poppy to develop an understanding about who is the boss in the house and who is not. With Joann's help, Poppy now sits down to welcome guests, stays away from the front door, walks on a leash without pulling and is overall a well behaved dog. I highly recommend Joann to anyone!

  4. The Feiling family has had three members of the family graduate from the training program. Our guy Phoenix also spends time in the boarding program, he always looks forward to going and seeing the staff and his other friends. Keep up the good treatment to these family members.

  5. We purchased a Mini-Australian Shepard puppy. This breed is quite high energy and quite intelligent. We wanted to train Lucy to be a good family member. JoAnn did a great job of actually training us to be a dog owner. Our puppy, Lucy, picked up on the training faster than we did. I think what I liked best about JoAnn's method was that she really worked with us to help us be better dog owners. As far as the dog training, JoAnn worked with us to develop a goal set of what we wanted Lucy to do and not do. At each session, JoAnn would reinforce things we did in prior sessions and introduce new skills. By the time we were done, Lucy is a well behaved member of our family. I have already recommended JoAnn to others and will continue to do so.

  6. Joann Bluth and her dog training skills and professionalism has been God sent. we have two Australian Shepherds of which one was just out of control. Joann came and took control and in no time had the unruly Sheppard eating out of the palm of her hand. She performed a miracle. Today, and thanks to Joann we enjoy both our dogs very much. I highly recommend Joann to any one. Bill MARTIN.

  7. Working with Joann has been the best investment that I've made for my dog, Zeppole. I have a 2 year-old Australian Shepherd with fear aggression. Taking her outside just to go potty was a nightmare because she reacted negatively to EVERY single person that she encountered. I was frustrated and a nervous wreck because I always worried that Zeppole might bite someone. Every other trainer that I reached out to insisted on me paying $100-$150 for an initial assessment and their response was always the same, "oh, she's just an aggressive dog". After a lot of research, I decided that I wanted to start working with Joann. Not only does she have the experience, but she tailors the training to your individual dog and situation. After meeting Zeppole, she knew that she was not just another "mean" dog but rather, an insecure dog who didn't see me as her leader and felt that she had to take care of business for herself. Joann recommended products to try and different techniques, and they all worked! By no means is my dog perfect now, but she has made so much progress! She's 100 times better than she was before and I know that with patience and time, Zeppole will continue to improve. I'm so thankful that I found Joann and recommend her to anyone who needs help with their furry little friend.

  8. Though he excelled in puppy class, three years later our high energy Siberian Husky/German Shepard, Milo, was showing some insecure behaviors that we feared could potentially turn aggressive if left unattended. In an effort to be proactive, we did some research and quickly concluded the culprit of these undesirable new behaviors was most likely us. We adore Milo and often treated him like a human family member. We needed an expert in dog behavior to help train us as much as Milo so we could better understand how he thinks and how to be the best pet parents possible. Thus, a search for the best dog trainer in Phoenix led us to JoAnn! In the 4 sessions we had with her, we learned an incredible amount, were provided with specific,individual feedback, and saw immediate results. We are very grateful for JoAnn’s guidance and instruction, and highly recommend her for her expertise in dog training!

  9. JoAnn is an incredible trainer. She helped our 4-year-old little Lilly immensely. We were initially reluctant to bring new habits and structure to her daily routine because we love her so much we were afraid any change would cause stress and make her unhappy. JoAnn was patient and thorough in explaining how a dog's mind works and how they perceive their owner. She taught us things in our very first session that Lilly not only acclimated to quickly but seemed to really enjoy. The training became like a game for her--something to look forward to.. She is a much happier and friendlier dog now, far removed from the separation anxiety and stress riddled behaviors that plagued her, JoAnn is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer but what sets her apart is the genuine love and passion she shows for dogs. Highly recommend!

  10. We consulted with Joanne for a behavioral problem we were having with our dog. Joanne was extremely professional and not only had many suggestions for the specific problem, but after analyzing our dog for a short time, gave us other suggestions on how to make her a happier pooch and an overall happier household! Our dog is excelling so far, a little too soon to tell, but hopefully our behavioral issue will be solved for good!Thank you Joanne!

  11. We hired Joann 12 years ago when she trained our first dog Harvey. So when we got a puppy a few months ago, there was no doubt who we were going to call to train him. Professional, efficient, and just an all around good person - Joann is awesome and gets the job done! Highly recommend!

  12. Joann is awesome. We have used trainers for our dogs in the past but were never very impressed. Joann blew our socks off with her knowledge and ability to connect with our dog. She was able to get Eli to do everything she asked of him with little effort. Eli is an 11 month old golden retriever. Joann honestly but kindly brought to our attention all of the things we were allowing Eli to do which were undermining our ability to lead the pack. We followed ALL of Joann's suggestions from where he should sleep to what types of food and treats are best, as well as, the best toys and chews to entertain him. Eli loves all the toys, treats and chews Joann suggested that we buy for Eli. Eli was not as wild about Joann's suggestion that he not sleep in our bed anymore, but he has accepted it. With Joann's great coaching we are now able to handle Eli confidently. We want to have Eli become a therapy dog in the future and with Joann's help, I now believe it is possible. Joann does not use a cookie cutter approach to training your dog. She thoughtfully evaluated Eli and used the tools that were best suited to Eli and she is always positive in her approach. At our age we probably won't be getting another dog, but if we did I wouldn't use anyone else but Joann. She is one in a million. Thank you sooooo much Joann.

  13. I am so delighted to be able to write a review to praise Joann. I was at my wits end and as much as I loved my dog, I was ready to surrender him. I have a 6 lb Toy Poodle who was making my life miserable. He would run to the top of my couch and bark continually whenever people would walk by. He was aggressive to people and other dogs when I would walk him. He made it impossible for me to have my family or friends over, because he would bark the entire time. The times I took him in my truck, he would whine and bark the whole trip. He was taking over my life!!!!! I wrote Joann and she replied by saying. she could help me and she could do it in 2 sessions. I must admit, I had no idea how that could be done. She came to my home and spent the first hour just taking with me and teaching me how I had allowed him to become the leader in my home, because I didn't have the experience to know how dog's minds worked. She taught me so many things that I needed to change in order to show him, he could relax and let me take care of him versus his attempt to protect me. She worked with Wyatt and me and by the time she left,it was amazing. He responded well to her, when in the beginning he was barking at her. She even spent time explaining how to feed him and what type of nutrition dogs need. I had been feeding him food that really wasn't good for him and I was allowing him to graze all day,once again giving him power he shouldn't have had. I must tell you, my little dog has learned who is the leader now and the changes WE have made together have not only improved my life, but his aggressive/fear attitude has gone away. We are still working on things, but for the most part, I now have a calmer dog who responds to my leadership. He no longer barks like he did nor does he jump in my lap without me inviting him. Joann had me Google "small dog" syndrome. Wow what an eye opener for me. Joann has the experience and the knowledge to know how to think like a dog and she taught me what I must do to be the leader. Joann is a miracle worker and I will continue to stay in touch. I truly believe she can help anyone who has a problem dog. Thank you Joan.

  14. Belobu Belobu says:

    Subject: Your terrific dog training Hi JoAnn, We've never met but I've referred three customers to you! I originally saw your name mentioned many times in Scott Craven's column in the AZ Republic. Based on that, I recommended you to my brother Mark. You've trained his two dogs, Leona & Murphy.he was very happy with your work! Recently, I gave your name and highly recommended you to two friends: Beth (dog: Beckett, standard poodle puppy) and Andra (goldendoodle puppy,Mac). Just wanted to let you to know in case you're wondering how these clients found you :) So funny that we've never met (and I have 3 rowdy dogs!), but I was pleased at how encouraged my brother was with your training of his rescue dogs. Anyway, someday when we expand our dog family, I will definitely call you for training. Thanks! Carla S.

  15. Duka says:

    JoAnn is awesome! Our dog which is a sheepadoodle puppie, now 8 months old is now so well trained. JoAnn started with "Alonzo" when he was 4 months old and has worked wonders with not only Alonzo but also with my husband and I on methods to work on to continue learning the different commands and signals. We highly recommend JoAnn for dog training services. She is a gem.